They have a system…The big guy will hold you down for his buddy to ass rape.  Little bro has a thick 11” cock that hurts as it stretches out virgin pussy. With the big guy holding you in place he can pound as hard as he likes from the first stroke, and he likes to pound hard.  Even with a new hole he likes to long dick, pulling fully out on each stroke.  He enjoys the sounds made by a bottom bitch as his big, bell shaped, mushroom head pops thru the tight ring each time he thrusts forward.

Big guy has a full 12” cock and likes sliding into a stretched out, cum filled hole.  There is something about fucking an unwilling faggot hard after he has been used by his buddy that makes him hard.  The feeling of his 12" meat pushing his friends jizz deeper into a new cunt causes him to fuck harder and longer.

Once the new fag has a couple of loads in his ass, they will slow down and relax, spit roasting him for hours.

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