Pete knew his city gym membership was good at all of the city run facilities, so he decided to try out one of the branches uptown.  The facilities were great and the regulars made him feel very welcome.  He spent several hours in the weight room working up a good sweat.  Soon he was exhausted and just wanted a hot shower to relax his muscles.  Pete quickly found out that the hardest part of the workout came after he left the weight room.  Today was a chest workout day, however once he hit the showers it was his glutes that really got pumped up.  The regulars at the gym were very helpful.  He was introduced to a number of exercises focusing on the gluteus maximus as well as other muscles of the upper leg including squats and lunges.  As conscientious trainers, his new workout buddies focused not only on strength training, but also on flexibility and cardio.  Pete was stretched out in ways he never previously thought possible.

His hairy white ass was passed around in the shower.  He was bent over and repeatedly fucked by big, black cocks.  The locals raped his cunt until it was gaping open and dripping jizz.  An equal number of thick cocks penetrated his throat and dumped ball juice into his stomach from the front end.  If you walked into the showers and saw the gang rape in progress, it would be impossible not to think of the cliche of a Oreo.  However after watching the rape for a few minutes, you would slightly revise the cliche to be a double stuff Oreo (twice the cream filling). 

After several hours of being passed around and spit roasted, Pete was more exhausted and sore then he had ever been, but he had a smile on his face.  In addition to raping him, these men had showed him his new purpose in life.  He would be back to this gym as soon as he could. 

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