Heard about this hotel pump and dump from some guys down in the lobby bar.  They figured that a horny seaman on leave should get his his first load out quick and easy, before hitting the bars to pick up a whore for the weekend.  Said there was a nice cunt in room 712.  You just walk in, drop your pants and shove your cock into the warm, willing hole.  Fuck as hard as you want, drop a load then walk away.  The sailor, figured why not, and went up.  Walked in to find three guys with their cocks out, watching a fourth guy fucking the shit out of fag bent over the corner of the bed.  As he watched these men filling the fag with cum, he realized he recognized the fag.  It was one of his shipmates.  When it was his turn he walked up and rammed his ten inch cock into the fags hole.  He fucked the bitch with long deep strokes, forcing the previous guys loads deeper into him, churning them into a frothy mess that dripped down the fag’s hairy thighs.  As he added his own jizz to the mix, he thought to himself that the next deployment could be fun.  Six months at sea go by quicker if you have a cum hole available for use.

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