I love the look of total shock on your face when he realizes the guy you are wrestling is the same guy who fucked you at the gas station last week.  Your opponent had followed you into the station’s rest room and forced you to suck his cock.  After shooting a load down your throat, and on your face, he bent you over and raped your ass.

You know your opponent will out wrestle you, just like he did in the rest room last week. You also know that the guy saw you get rock hard in seconds when you recognized your opponent.  The compression shorts under your tight singlet were not constricting enough to contain your boner.  The compression shorts also failed at hiding the load of cum you shot during the wrestling match, at the moment you were pinned.  It was obvious to your opponent as well as all his teammates that you orgasm-ed with him holding your shoulders down, his obscenely tented crotch in your face.  As he slowly stood up, after visibly pumping his hips, forcing his bulge into your mouth, he whispered that you should come shower in the visiting team’s locker room tonight after the match.

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