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I saw him checking me out in the gym.  We were opponents on the field, Steve and I were trying out for the same position on the team, quarterback.  We were the only two guys left in the gym, working out.  We were sharing the gym, since we both wanted the advantage when it came time for the coach to make a decision on who would start in the game on Saturday.  Now it could have been the standard way a jock checks out his rival, to size him up and compare his muscles to your own. However this was not the first time I caught him looking at me.  I also noted over the past few weeks he spent a lot of time looking at our teammates as well.  Today, I had noticed that he focused a little too long on my shorts.  At first I wasn’t sure, so I did a little test, I laid back on the weight bench for some bench presses.  As I did I adjusted my cock in my jock strap, making sure that the head came out the side of the pouch and was visible up the leg of my basketball shorts, from where Steve was doing arm curls.  As I did my reps I glanced in the mirror and noted that Steve was staring up the leg of my shorts.  I put the weight bar back on the support and casually reached down to rub my crotch.  As I rubbed it Steve kept staring.  I sat up and looked over at him, he quickly blushed and turned his head away, it was too late, I had his number.  He was a fag and wanted my cock.  Now I knew he would deny it and in fact he may not be aware of his desire for cock on a conscious level, but based upon the way he checked me out and the fact that I could tell he had a boner in his shorts, there was no doubt in my mind what he needed.

I had seen this before, there were a couple of fags in high school, who found that they liked swinging on the end of my cock.  I am a six foot two inch tall jock, with dark hair and green eyes.  I have never had a problem getting dates and as the quarterback on the football team and starting pitcher on the baseball team, since junior high. had my choice of the cheerleaders.  I had never thought of having a guy suck my dick, or fucking one.  Then, during my freshmen year i walked into the locker room and found three seniors fucking the hell out of one of our teammates.  I stood there watching them with my jaw open, surprised.  Todd the senior quarterback came over to me, put his arm over my shoulder, and explained that Bob, our teammate, was a fag and he had caught him checking him out in the showers.  So he let him suck his cock and started using him whenever his girlfriend would not put out. He then started sharing Bob with his friends and teammates, now Bob was taking half a dozen loads a day in his mouth and ass from the seniors on the team.  He sat me down and explained the advantages of having a hole around to use whenever you were horny.   Then he brought me over and told Bob to suck my cock.  Bob was in no position to argue, since he had Joel’s dick in his ass, but he stated that I was a freshman and he should not have to suck freshman cock.  Todd looked down at him an explained that even though I was a freshman and he was a senior, I was still a real man and a jock, while he was a fag who needed cock.  After a moment of rebellion, Bob dropped his eyes to the ground and opened his mouth.  Todd pushed me forward, and I unzipped and pulled my thick nine inch cock out of my fly.  Bob licked his lips so I stepped forward and shoved my meat into his warm inviting mouth.  He sucked better than any of the girls I had been with, and I quickly shot my load down his throat.  Joel finished up with a grunt, that told me he has just cum in Bobs ass.  He pulled out and grinned at me. “go ahead, give his ass a try.  If you liked the way his mouth felt, you will love his tight hole”.  I was curious so I moved towards bobs rear,  "alright, do you have a condom.“. "Don’t worry about condoms, you won’t get him pregnant and his hole feels great on your raw cock”. Besides the cum lubes up his ass better than Vaseline.  Once you have slid your meat up in a cum filled hole like his, your never going to want to wrap up again". Ok then, Bob open up and take my dick.  I pushed the head of my cock between his cheeks and slipped into his ass.  Even though he had obviously been taking a lot of dick and was freshly filled with hot cum, he was still tighter than any pussy I had fucked.  His chute grabbed the sides of my cock and tightly conformed to the shape of my dick.  It felt like his cunt was made specifically to work my meat. opening up when I pushed in and gripping tightly when I pulled out.   I started pounding away and soon added my load to the cum already in Bob’s ass.  I was the only freshman who knew about Bob and fucked him daily for the rest of the semester.  Once he graduated, I needed to find another fag to feed my dick to.  As a well built jock in his teens, I was horny all the time, and had gotten used to getting off in a hole daily.  Jerking off was fine, but getting sucked and fucking a pussy (guy or girl) was much, much better.

Todd had explained to me that guys like Bob were wired differently, where men like us existed to shove our cocks into a hole and breed it, boys like Bob, existed to take loads.  They were never happier than when a real man was filling them with cock.  He taught me what to look for, and how to spot a fag. Once I knew what to look for it was easy to get them alone and force them to suck me and take my dick in their tight asses.  I had also learned a couple of things on how to break a new fag in and teach them to take a real mans cock.  The first couple of times I fucked a virgin fag I just shoved my big slab of meat in them and fucked them hard until I shot my load deep in their guts. I used them as a dumping hole for my seed, but did not think beyond the immediate urge to blow a load.  Afterwards they would avoid me and I would have to corner them in order to use their holes for my pleasure.  However I found that if I broke them in slowly and talked them thru it as I took their virgin asses, they would come back and beg me to fuck them.  It usually took no more than a week before they would come slinking back wanting my cock.  Like Todd had explained these guys wanted dick, but a lifetime of society telling them it was wrong, made it hard for them (pun intended) to accept what they were, by raping them, it gave them an excuse to tell themselves they were not fags, and could avoid the feelings my cock made them feel.  I found that if I moved slow, their mind would more easily accept what was happening, and when they started to enjoy it, they knew it was my nine and a half inches of tubesteak that made them feel the way they did.  You just needed to give them time to get past the pain and start to feel the pleasure.

So now I needed to put Steve in a position where he had no choice but to admit to me and himself that he was going to be taking my dick.  I decided to keep working out until he went to shower.  Since we were the last two in the gym, I knew it would not be long.  As I lifted weights, I kept casually grabbing my crotch.  My cock was rock hard and could clearly be seen thru the nylon shorts.  I would also pull my tee shirt up to wipe the sweat off my face. This allowed Steve to get a good look at my six pack and the waistband of my jock, which the head of my cock, now poked up thru reaching for my bellybutton.  He subconsciously licked his lips each time I did this.    Finally I think it was too much for him to keep trying to hide his own hard on and he went into the locker room.  I waited for a few moments and followed him in.  When I got there he was already in the showers.  I stripped down and joined him there.  I took the shower head directly across from him.  He quickly turned his back to me, obviously trying to hide his hard on.  I stood facing him under the spray.  I made a lot of noise punching the soap dispenser and lathering myself up, paying a lot of attention to my crotch.  My thick meat stood proud from a mound of soapy pubic hair.  As Steve turned around he could not help but stare.  I grinned and slowly stroked my soap covered cock. When it registered with Steve that I was watching him stare at my cock, he blurted out  "John, What are you doing?  I don’t want to see you jerk off.“ he again turned his back on me to try and hide his interest.  I took a few steps forward till I was directly behind him and placed my hand on his shoulder, the noise of the shower had concealed my footsteps, so when my flesh touched his he jumped as though struck by lightning.  "What the fuck are you doing John, get away from me”.  "I don’t think so, Steve, I have been watching you check me out in the weight room and on the field.  You are a fag and it’s time for you to admit it".  My hand was still on his shoulder and I tightened my grip slightly.  "You have been looking at all the guys on the team, checking them out when you thought no one was looking". Steve tried to move away from me but his back was already against the wall.  "I don’t know what you are talking about, I am not a fag".  I grinned and reached out with my free hand and grabbed his cock.  It was hard and pointing straight out.  Steve gasped and closed his eyes.  "Your dick gives you away, your body knows what your mouth is denying".  "Now stop denying it and get down on your knees and suck my cock".  His eyes popped open and he moved quickly towards the door.  I reached out and grabbed his arm before he got two steps.  He started to struggle and soon we were wrestling on the floor of the shower.  Since we were wet and covered in soap suds, it was difficult to get a grip and take control.  We slipped over each other, both vying for dominance.  As we wrestled I noted that we were both hard.  Finally I was on top with Steve face down below me, I had his right arm twisted behind his back.  He was helpless.  My rock hard cock was resting in the crack of his ass.  "I tried to do this gently, break you in slowly, let you suck my cock first, but since you decided to fight me we find ourselves in this awkward but perfect position, I guess that it was meant to be".  I lifted my butt slightly and let my cock move perpendicular to his ass.  With a slight push the head of my dick parted his cheeks and nestled itself at the opening to his hole.  Steve tried to buck me off but my superior position allowed me to stay where I was.  "Stop fighting me, this is going to happen, relax and let me in your hole.  Trust me, you have been waiting for this since you first started to grow pubes.  Once you get my meat in you, you will feel complete for the first time in your life".  I pushed forward and felt the head of my cock penetrate his virgin ass.  The soap studs on us acted as lube.  He let out a gasp of air, and started pleading with me “please stop, it’s too big, I am not gay, please don’t fuck me up the ass”.  I kept my dick where it was and moved my right hand up and covered his mouth.  As I slowly began to slide my dick further into him he screamed into the palm of my hand, which muffled the sound.  I kept sliding in until I felt his cheeks against my groin.  Once I was fully in him, he stopped fighting and went limp under me.  "that’s it, just relax and get used to the feeling of my cock in you".  I did not move, letting my cock sit deep inside of him while he adjusted to the penetration.  My body was resting on top of his and I could feel the muscles in his back clenching and releasing.  Once he stopped screaming, I removed my hand, he breathed deeply.  I put my mouth up against the side of his head and whispered into his ear, “I know it hurts, all the virgins I have popped open have said the first thrust hurts like hell, but that outward stroke feels better”.  As I slowly pulled my meat outward, he moaned under me, I stopped about halfway and then pushed back into him, again very slow.  Once I reached full depth, he released the breath he has been holding.  "ok Steve, now your cherry has been popped, and you are learning to take my cock.“  I gave a quick thrust of my hips moving my dick about an inch in and out.  "feel that.  That’s my dick up inside you”.  I started to pull out, stopping when the ridge of my cock head met his opening.  I paused for a second then started to push into him again.  Now that his hole had completed the initial stretch, I could start fucking him a little faster.  I brought him up onto his hands and knees. As I picked up the pace, he started to moan beneath me.  "Feeling better"?   “I told you that you would like it once you relaxed”. After a few minutes of thrusting into his hole, I stopped with just the head inside of him.  As I knelt over him, I could feel him start to push back onto my cock.  "that’s it, force my dick into you".  Once he realized what he was doing he immediately stopped.  "don’t worry, it’s ok, your body understands that it feels good.  Some part of your mind knows that you need this as well, you just need to let go of the part of you that thinks this is wrong.  There is nothing wrong with this, guys like you are made to take cock, it’s in your nature.  All those times you were checking out your teammates in the shower, that was your mind trying to determine which dicks you wanted to service.  If you were man enough to accept what you wanted you could have asked those men to use you and bring you pleasure.  Now that I have shown you what you are, you can stop fighting it.  Go ahead and fuck yourself on my dick".  He did not respond to my words but after a few moments he started pushing back on my cock again.  "alright, now we can move on". Once he got my dick fully into him again, I grabbed hold of his hips and started fucking him for real.  I picked up the pace until I was pounding his ass with as much force as I could.  I knew that Steve was mine now, and that he would let me use him any way I wanted.  Once I came in his ass he would ask me to do it again.  After about ten minutes of this, I pulled out of him and backed off.  He was panting heavily as he looked back at me.  "ok bitch, flip over, I want to look into your eyes when I dump my load into your ass.  I could tell he was shocked, that the idea of my cumming in him was not something he had thought about, but he was too far gone to argue.  He slowly rolled over and pulled his legs up showing me his hole.  I leaned forward and spit on his ass a couple of times.  His ass glistened as i placed my rock hard cock against his recently virgin hole.  I looked deep into his eyes and thrust forward forcing my meat fully into him in one stroke.  We both grunted as my cock reached bottom.  I pulled out fully and paused before thrusting into him again.  Several more times.  I loved the feeling of popping him open and stretching him out.  Each time my cock penetrated him he let out a high pitched yelp.  "now it’s time to complete your transformation into a bitch.  I am going to breed your ass.  Beg me for my cum". Still looking into my eyes he whispered “please”.  That was enough to put me over the edge.    I started to cum.  My cock jumping slightly as the first load was deposited deep into his guts.  I kept thrusting and shooting at the same time, until all of the sperm in my balls moved thru my dick and into Steve’s tight hole filling him with my hot, slimy teen spunk.  

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