I know the whole point of the glory hole is have anonymous sex.  However the second this fat cock entered the hole, I realized it was my roommates.  I have been checking him out all semester and I would recognize that slab of meat anywhere.  I was nervous and hoped he had not caught a glimpse of my face before his crotch filled the hole.  There was no way out of this situation, if I stood up and left, he would see me, and if I ignored his cock, he would eventually bend down and look thru the hole.  So I sliped my lips over my roommate’s cock and started sucking.  My roomie, however had other ideas and started forcing his cock in deep and hard.  His massive length and girth opened up my throat and soon he was face fucking me with force.  I could see his balls tighten up and knew he was about to blow.  I sucked with vigor as he shot a massive load thru the hole and into my waiting mouth. 

The next day I was back on my knees serving strangers cock and once again saw my roomie’s cock at the hole.  This time I was prepared.  I quickly stood up, turned around, and bent over.  I positioned my hole at the tip of his cock.  Slowly I backed up until my ass cheeks were tight against the wooden partition.  I heard his deep voice say “Damn” and felt him start to pump.  He started slow, but within a few strokes he was again pounding hard.  He fucked me for twenty minutes, his cock pulling fully out on each stroke, then forcing itself deep.  I pushed my ass as hard as I could against the partition, taking whatever he wanted to give.  He once again dumped a huge load inside me.  As soon as he stopped shooting, he pulled out, zipped up and left. 

I never found out if he knew who he was fucking.  But he emptied his balls. four or five times a week thru that hole.

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