The 4H club chipped in to get a hotel room for the state fair.  Since most of the time the nine guys had to be down in the barn or at the review stands, the room was only used to store stuff and catch quick naps. Then late on the second night, three of the guys came back to the room and found Pete here, face down asleep on the bed wearing only his jockstrap and a wrangler shirt.  Well those horny young farmers saw Pete’s beefy ass sticking up begging to be filled, and did what came natural to young men.  They plowed Pete’s virgin ass and used him to get off.  The other five guys were told about Pete’s ass and soon all eight members of the Herkimer county 4H club, who were real men, were taking turns filling Pete with cum.  Having grown up on farms, these boys were all familiar with the practice of having all of the bulls on the farm breed a cow, in hopes of impregnating her.  Pete just took on the role of the cow and these bulls were going to make every possible effort to get him pregnant.  He was breed over 200 times during the course of the week long state fair.  Since he never got knocked up, the club starting bringing in prize studs from other farms to help out. 

While Pete never got pregnant, the teens never stopped trying.

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