He was promised a weekend full of sex, if he wore a blindfold.  He readily agreed, and didn’t protest much when they tied his hands behind him “so you can’t remove the blindfold.” 

As he felt the first cock probe his ass, he realized they never said anything about there being girls…

His tight, athletic body was put through its paces, as man after man used him as their personal fucktoy, cumming in him, then leaving.  He was powerless to prevent being felt up, men playing with his nipples, rubbing his furry legs, tickling his balls.  He could tell the asshoes he was made to deep tongue were male due to the hairs surrounding their hole, and the sounds of pleasure coming from the male he had to please or get his nipples tweaked again.. 

He hadn’t known he was so popular.  With all the camera clicks he heard, he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to disprove being a cum slut faggot, especially as some man’s cock began to enter his mouth for the very first time.

He was groped, fucked, spanked, played with on, and cum in.  The last guy sealed his cock and balls in a seedpod and said if he ever wanted to see his cock and balls again, he had to apply for gloryhole duty next week at the local gay bar during “fuck a slut” night, held once a month. 

He would find out that the bar was infamous for recording the slut and putting it up on wide screen, while keeping the owners of the cocks anonymous.  His hands retied, thus unable to prevent a cock’s insertion in either end, his seedpod was indeed unlocked.  After a week of sexual frustration, the straight, studly athlete stayed hard all night, but was unable to stroke himself.  At the end, after any number of men had watched him take cock after cock in both ends, he realized the seedpod was being reattached.  His screamed protest quickly brought off the two men fucking him at each end.  He was told he would just have to come back in 2 weeks for an event called “yellow hanky night.”

And that’s how the bar got a very good looking, straight, athletic volunteer to be their resident cum slut.  The gay bar began having a special event every night of the week.  A favored night was when he was brought  blindfolded on stage, wrist and ankle chains applied, and fucked by anyone who bought at least 2 pitchers of beer.

After a couple months, the seedpod felt natural, even the prevention of any chance of getting a full erection became normal to him.  By then, the good looking stud was so horny he volunteered for any duty: cage dancing, “feel up a whore” night, SM night, etc. The only words he was allowed to say were ”thank you” when some man felt him up.  With a five buck tip to the bartender, men could put their arms around him, and he was required to french kiss them while they felt him up, massaged his butt, or even shoved a finger up his hole, replying again with a respectful “thank you,” no matter how he hated it.  Truth was, even after he had long since earned his freedom, he never thought to ask for it, unknowingly “voluntarily” remaining locked up as all he could think of was if just enough men were to fuck and shoot inside him, he might be able to bring himself off. 

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