He did not realize how much trouble he was in, until this moment, when the cum started dipping out of his ass.  He knew the jock strap he was wearing would do nothing to prevent my jizz load from staining his shorts.  He also knew that with another two hours of wrestling practice to go there was no way he could prevent his teammates from smelling and eventually feeling my spooge on his legs.  My load would serve as lubricant as he grappled with his fellow wrestlers.  He knew his secret was about to come out and that his friends and teammates would know that he liked real men fucking him raw and hard and shooting their wet, creamy loads deep into his ass. 

Yet his greatest worry at the moment is how to deal with the fact that his cock was chubbing up and he had to wrestle his greatest rival on the team next.  He has to get on his hands and knees and fight to win against a rival who likes to humiliate losers and he has to do it with a raging hard on and my cum staining the back of his shorts.

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