The pledge found himself stretched out on the bed surrounded by a group of upperclassmen.  His head was blurry and he found he could not think straight.  The guys standing over him were laughing and giving each other high fives.  Then they started to take off their clothes.  The pledge realized that he had been roofied, but lost the strength and will power to resist. 

As the first of the upperclassmen shot his load of thick and creamy jizz into his mouth, he knew his life had changed, but, thanks in part to the drugs, he did not care.  Over the next twelve hours dozens of guys used his mouth and ass as dumping grounds for frat cum.  The roofies had worn off long ago, but the pledge just laid there as another dude lifted his legs onto his shoulders and shoved a cock into his now gaping pledge hole. The guys raping him saw the pledges initial fear change to acceptance and then to lust, as their new cum dump learned his place.

The slurping sounds made when the upperclassman’s meaty cock forced cum deeper into the pledges cunt, was a noise the pledge would learn to love, and seek out, over the next four years.

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