OK guys, listen very carefully.  Several things you should know:

1.  As co-captains of the team, you should know that cheaters never win.  You are going to pay for cheating and trying to take away my team’s well deserved win.

2.  You are both going to get to know your teammate’s strengths and weaknesses.  After tonight no more co-captains, one of you will be the alpha male and take command.  That guy will be a better captain, because he will know what happens to cheaters.

3.  Upstairs are all of the men from our team.  They do not like cheaters and want to show you what happens when you cheat.

4.  In one minute you will be untied.  You will then have ten minutes to bend over your co-captain and rape him up the ass.  If, after ten minutes, one of you does not have a rock hard cock pounding a fresh load of jizz into his cunt, then you will both be re-tied and my teammates upstairs will come down and gangbang both of you for the next week.  Seven days of football player’s thick cocks penetrating you over and over, stretching you out and filling you to overflowing with jock jizz.

5.  If, however, one of you does man up and pop your buddies ass cherry, then that “man” will keep his own virginity safe.  We will not fuck you in the ass.

6.  Whomever loses the battle for dominance, however, will still get gangbanged and fucked up the ass by all of the men upstairs, but only for twelve hours.

Alright, if everything is clear, let’s get started and see which of you will live the rest of their life as an alpha male and who will be a cumdump.

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