Bro, this is going to be a weekend you will never forget.  Up until now, you have only sucked our cocks in the locker room, however in a few minutes we are going to introduce you to other ways you can service our dicks.  Between us we have over thirty two inches of man meat, that’s over two and a half feet of cock that you will soon have rammed into your tight ass.  You already know what our jizz tastes like, soon you will know what it feels like when shot directly into your guts.  You look scared.  Don’t be, we’ve all popped a cherry cunt before.  It hurts at first, but before long, all the bitches beg for more.

Of course we were gentle with the other virgins, as we cared about them.  With you we do not need to be gentle, we can fuck you as hard as we want and since we can’t knock you up, no condoms.

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