Jimmy’s teammate’s were tired of his cocky attitude.  He acted as though the wins that got them to the meet, were all due to him alone.  So last night while he slept, his teammates used a stencil and permanent marker to play a trick on him.  The trick had more severe consequences then they had planned.  His teammates just wanted to ridicule him in the showers and locker room for a while.  However Jimmy woke up early and went down to the pool to get in some laps.  Since Jimmy did not know his ass was sporting a new look, he did nothing to try and hide it. 

Several members of the opposing team found it very interesting that Jimmy would be flashing a sign on his tight swimmer butt that invited men to use him like a whore.    They figured that anybody advertising like that must want some immediate action.  The six opposing team members grabbed Jimmy and took him to their locker room.  With no explanation they bent him over the bench and started to fuck him hard.  It was so sudden that Jimmy had no time to react.  By the time he started to protest he had a hard cock in his mouth and another in his ass.  His ass cherry was popped by a swimmer with a thick ten inch slab of meat.  For the next five hours Jimmy took cock after cock until he was covered with jizz.  His ass was gaping and more cum was dripping from it down his thighs.  The swimmers had informed their friends and there was a line of guys waiting their turn to fuck poor Jimmy.

Towards the end of the afternoon, his teammates became worried at Jimmy’s absence and started searching for him.  They were shocked when they found him in the locker room.  They stood there for a few moments watching the gang bang of their teammate with their mouths open.  Eventually they recovered and realized what was going on.  They moved quickly across the room to Jimmy’s side….. and got on line to take a turn.

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