You look good down there on your knees. I like the way it forces you to look up at me. Now lets move on to the next step. Reach back and grab your ankles. Good job boy, that is now your proper position. For the next two hours, I want you to keep your hands gripping your ankles, no matter what else is occurring. 

Now open your mouth wide………

When you are turning out a new cocksucker it’s best to do it right from the start. You have a responsibility to the men who will use its mouth in the future. Don’t hesitate or go slow. Grasp the back of its head, force your thick nine incher deep into his throat and pinch its nose, cutting off its access to oxygen.  Force it to swallow your cock. Train it from day one that your pleasure is far more important than its discomfort or pain.  

Even if it used to be a friend of yours. It chose to get on its knees in front of you, there are consequences to that decision. You are the one in charge now. It is there to serve and the sooner it learns its place the better it will be for everyone involved.  It is going to spend the rest of its life on its knees taking cock, it will be much happier doing it, if it knows the men using its mouth are satisfied.

Day six of his training to be a cum dump for the football team.  This is his first day without the drugs that make him pliable and willing.  It looks like muscle memory is taking over.  Even without the drugs he know the positions he is required to take.