Oh yeah, that feels fucking amazing. You are halfway there, just relax your jaw muscles and open up that throat for me. I didn’t want to believe it, but you were right. You do suck cock better than my girlfriend. This is the best blow job I have ever gotten. Keep that up and I am going to blow.

Fuck, you even swallow!

Alright rookies, This may seem a little awkward at first, but you will be doing your teammates a great service, taking care of their needs.

As you know, we have been stressing your roles in helping out the team and doing what is necessary to achieve the win. Now we are going to ask more of you. Step forward and bend over the sawhorses set up in front of you, then take the tub of Vaseline, put a glob on your fingers and pass the tub down to your fellow rookies.

I was out in the woods with a group of friends for a two week camping trip. Everyone was having a good time, but my buddy Steve looked a little stressed, which was unusual, since he was such an easy going guy. I asked him if anything was wrong, and if I could help. He looked at me, and said no, it was something he needed to deal with on his own. I respected his privacy and told him that I was there for him, and if there was anything I could do to help him out, I would be happy to do it. That caused Steve to pause and look me up and down. I could see on his face, that he had come to some sort of decision.

“Maybe you can help me out, after all.  Lets go for a walk.”

Steve took the lead and we went out, deep into the woods. After about thirty minutes of walking in silence, Steve decided to open up to me. 

“Angie and I broke up three weeks ago.”

“I am sorry to hear that.” I said sincerely. He and Angie had looked like a perfect couple. They were really into each other, and seemed very happy together.

“Yeah, its been hard. We were together for three years and she was great. She was the first girl I had met that liked sex as much as I do. Her appetite never seemed to wane, she was horny all the time. We fucked a couple of times a day.”

“Really? That’s amazing. What happened?” I asked trying to get him to open up.

“We realized that while the sex was amazing, we really had nothing else in common. We weren’t moving forward, we were just using each other to feel good.”

“And you wanted more?”

“Yeah….we both did. The break up was mutual and there are no hard feelings. The problem is after years of fucking several times a day, it has been hard to go cold turkey. My cock is hard twenty for hours a day. I am so horny I can’t think straight.”

“That’s what’s going on? You are horny? I laughed a little.

“It’s not funny, my balls hurt.”

“So jerk yourself off.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is. Trust me, I masturbate all the time.”

“Believe me, I have tried. After years of pushing my cock into Angie’s tight, warm, wet pussy my big rough right hand doesn’t feel good. I can’t get off.”

“You could try getting a Fleshlite. It feels pretty realistic when you stroke yourself, might help you get off if it feels like a pussy you are pounding your meat into.”

“Great idea, except that we are out here in the middle of nowhere for another ten days, and I don’t see a sex-toy shop nearby.”

“Alright, so you will need to make-do for the rest of the trip, Try something new and different, to help take your mind off your blue-balls and the complete lack of pussy nearby to dump a load into. It’s not that long. You can do ten days, can’t you?”

“Like I said, I am so horny, I can’t think straight. I need to bust a nut or I will go crazy. So I am going to take your advice and “make-do” for the rest of the trip. I also like the idea of a Fleshlite to simulate a woman’s pussy.”

“Yeah, its not the same as the real thing, but it sure beats a rough hand. When you get back to civilization, pick one up, watch some porn, and go to town.”

“Here’s the thing…….I can’t wait that long, I need to bust a nut now.”

“Alright, go ahead, I’ll give you some privacy.”

“Haven’t you been listening, my right hand ain’t going to cut it. I need a Fleshlight….a substitute pussy.”

“Like you said, no sex shops nearby.”

“Yeah, it’s time for some out of the box thinking. You are going to help me out.”

“You want me to jerk you off? I’m not really comfortable with the idea of stroking another dude.”

“No, I don’t want you to jerk me off.  Your hands will most likely be softer than mine, but still not the same as plunging my cock into a warm, wet hole.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I am going to use your mouth and your ass as Fleshlites….. substitute pussies. After you suck my cock, I am going to bend you over and fuck you, over and over, until my balls are fully drained.”

“No way am I letting you fuck me!”

“Sorry, you have no choice. I need this. Quite frankly, I am much bigger and stronger than you. We are out in the middle of the woods, where no one can hear you scream. And trust me, you are going to scream.  Not to boast, but my uncut cock is massive, and it’s going to hurt going in……well it’s going to hurt you, It’s going to feel great to me. You are just what I need….a set of warm, tight holes existing to service my cock.”

“I don’t want to be a hole for you or your cock!!!!”

“Yeah, too bad.”

“Wait, I’m your friend….please don’t do this too me.”

In response to my plea, Steve opened his belt and undid his jeans.  He was going commando, so his thick cock was immediately exposed. It popped out, already mostly hard.  While I stood there stunned by the sight of his massive meat surrounded by a pile of bright red pubes. Steve grabbed my shoulders and roughly pushed me to my knees. He shoved his cock into my mouth with no warning. 

“I have enough friends. What I need right now is a warm, wet hole to pound my cock into. I don’t need you as a friend, I need you as a Fleshlite, a substitute pussy.”

His cock is too much. He’s too big, too thick for my inexperienced throat. I
pull off him, coughing and gagging. When I stop coughing, he rams his cock back past my lips and back into my mouth. His dick is leaking pre-cum like crazy and I could taste it, salty and sweet. So much precum spills from
his slit, I feel like I’m drowning. It filled my mouth and reflexively, I swallowed. The action of my throat muscles contracting cased Steve to moan above me.

“Yeah, just like that. Swallow my cock and make me feel good.

When you swallow, it’s like your throat muscles are stroking my cock. Just like when I punch my meat into a pocket pussy. This is amazing, I am using your face like a fuck toy. You’re taking my cock like a real Fleshlite now. ”

As he spoke, he started thrusting his hips, pushing himself deeper into my oral cavity. In and out, over and over until he was literally skull fucking me. This was not a blowjob. Steve had no need for me to suck or lick him, he just needed me to cover my teeth and let him jerk himself off. He was literally using my mouth as a Fleshlite. A warm, wet hole, existing only for him to masturbate with. I was crying, spit and drool dripping down my chin. My breaths were gasps for air, each time his cock left my throat. He was gripping my head tightly while fucking my face harder than I thought possible. Suddenly he thrust in full depth. With my nose buried in those ginger pubes I felt him unload his balls directly into my stomach.

“Take it, hole. Take my load! That’s three weeks worth of built up man-seed being dumped in you.”

Once he was done, he pulled out, flipped me over, pushed me to the ground and grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart. With no warning or preparation, he punched his massive meat into me, lubed by whatever spit and cum was left on his cock from the forced blowjob. I screamed out in pain, just like he said I would. My ass was way to small and virgin to take a cock as big as his in one deep, hard stroke. It felt like he was ripping me in half.

I thought there would be some foreplay, at least he would try to open me up a little, make it easier, but it was quickly obvious that he did not care how this felt to me. He was doing exactly what I had suggested, he was using a Fleshlite to jerk himself off again. My problem was my formerly virgin ass was now that Fleshlite. I was nothing more than a tool for him to use to make his cock feel good. As I thought about it, his indifference to my suffering made sense – when using a Fleshlite, you don’t care or even consider what the Fleshlite is feeling while pounding your hard cock in and out of it. It’s just an object to be used. Just like me now. 

Steve is an aggressive fucker. His cock is rearranging my insides, stretching me out and making my hole into his personal jerk off tool.

“Fucking take that cock. Yeah bitch, I am opening your cunt up and re-sizing it to fit my meat.” 

In and out. Over and over. With each inward thrust he manages to get a little more of his massive cock into me.

In and out. It feels like someone is pile driving a two by four into my guts. Then Steve grabs my hips and pulls me fully into him. I feel those ginger pubes smashing against my butt cheeks and I know he is inside me balls-deep. He lets it sit there for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being fully hilted.

“Now I want you to start clenching your ass muscles, make me feel good. Just like you were doing with your throat muscles. Yeah, just grip my cock with your hole. That’s better. But you need to milk it. Open up and relax as I punch into you, then grip down as tight as you can as I start to pull out. There you go, just like that. Now your getting it. You are a good little fuck toy, aren’t you?”

I realize that my friendship with Steve is over. He no longer sees me as his friend, or even as another guy. I am nothing more than a cum rag to him.  A thing to take his loads and wipe his cock off on when he is done jerking it. He pounded my ass for over an hour. The friction from his mostly dry cock, felt like sandpaper inside me. Occasionally he would add some spit to minimally lubricate my fuck chute. Eventually I was begging and pleading with him to cum in me. Then I felt his cock engorge a little more and push as deep as it could go. He unloaded his nuts into my ass, finally providing some lubrication. He fucked me for another ten minutes to insure his cum was pushed deep inside.

“Ahhhh fuuuuk! That felt amazing. I made the right decision in turning you out. You are much more useful as a Fleshlite than you ever were as a friend.” 

I lay there on the ground looking up at Steve. He looked down and grinned. 

“The rest of this trip will be great, now that we have a place to dump our loads.”

“What do you mean we? You can’t tell the guys!”

“Of course I am going to tell the guys, what kind of friend would I be if I tried to keep this a secret and did not share your holes with them. Now that you are a Fleshlite, the other guys might want to use you to jerk off into.”

“I was your friend too! You did not seem to have a problem treating me like a solution for your needs, regardless of what I wanted or did not want. You just raped me and dumped your cum loads inside me.”

“Raped you? You can’t rape an Fleshlite. It’s sole purpose is to take cock. You are the one who suggested that I find an alternate pussy to use. It was your idea. Then you opened your mouth and showed me what a perfect fuck toy you actually are. You massaged my thick meat with your throat muscles and thru your actions, encouraged me to cream your tonsils. Then as I was plowing your asshole open, you were begging me to shoot my load in you. You ceased to be my friend the second you swallowed my load and you ceased to be a man when you begged for my cum.”

“Please, just don’t tell the guys.”

It’s important that they know, so we don’t have to sneak off to drain my balls four or five times a day. It will be much easier if its out in the open and everyone shares your holes. Besides, my real friends, the ones that don’t take dick, are going to want to have a “release” around for the rest of our camping trip. Since your true purpose in life is to take cock and assist men in getting off, it would be a waste not to tell them and let them use you. Don’t worry, you get to stay on the trip. I am sure that even though they will cease to be your friends, once they have cum in you, they will see the advantage of having a fuck toy around to use.”

The idea of my friends finding out that I have Steve’s cum loads in my stomach and in my ass was terrifying. I grew up with these guys, I have know them for years, and now they were going to be told that I am Steve’s personal Fleshlite and that I am available for them to use.

Steve tucked in his still semi engorged cock and zipped up his pants. He looked down on me with cold eyes, showing no compassion for the violent transformation he just put me thru.

“C’mon, hole, lets go”

I jumped at his command and pulled on my underwear, pants and shirt. Steve pulled out his knife. I looked even more shocked and backed away from the giant redhead with a knife that had just raped me.

“Relax, I am not going to cut you. Just bend over.”

Steve spun me around and bent me over at the waist. He fingered my ass thru my pants. I felt him grab a fold of fabric and pull it towards him. He then used the knife to cut a hole in the ass of my pants and underwear. He ripped it a little and rammed a thick finger into my well fucked ass. 

“That’s better, now there’s nothing covering your hole. A fuck toy, like you, should be easy to use. Now when I get horny, I can just bend you over and ram my cock home.”

He stood up, unzipped and punched his cock into me again, just to show me that he could.

“Oh fuck yeah, I am going to be using this hole a lot from now on. You are whining that you don’t want to be a fuck toy, and yet you are clenching your cunt muscles on my cock.”

He was right, I was squeezing down on his fuck stick. The muscle memory from my recent cunting, just kicked in. He had already trained me to make him feel good while inside me. Then he started stroking in and out again. He was jerking himself off using me as his cock sleeve. After about twenty minutes he shot his hot, creamy load in me. 

“Looks like you will get your wish. I won’t have to tell the guys about your new role in our group. The cum dripping out of your crotchless jeans will tell them everything they need to know.”

When you owe your drug dealer, but don’t have any cash, alternate means of payment are sometimes accepted. 

It starts with a quick blowjob, then you are asked to “help out” some of his friends. Before long, you realize that you are the house cum dump. A fuck toy for your dealer, his friends, neighbors, good customers, suppliers, and any other horny guy who stops by. 

The fag knows how much pain and effort it took to get his cunt to gape open like that. Now he offers that gaping hole to any real man he comes across. He understands that he is a fuck toy and a cum dump. He knows that men will continue to ram their hard cocks into him, whenever they want to bust a nut. So the best he can do is make sure his hole stays open. By offering his hole, he keeps it gaping, so that he never has to go thru the painful process of getting it stretched out again.

“Arggghhh! Ahhhhh fuckkk, please stop!  I admit it you are right, the latex of the condom grips the skin of my ass and creates too much friction. I feel like you are tearing apart my hole.”

“You want me to take the condom off?”

“Yes, please. I can’t take it. It feels like you are tearing me up.”

“You are making the right choice.  A fag like you should always insist on raw cock. With a little spit, my fuck stick will slide right into your cunt, like it is supposed to do. Skin on skin will better allow you to feel my manhood as it works your fuck chute wide open. Plus my load will lube you up for the next man to use you. Cum is an amazing lubricant. As a bonus, it will also work as an advertisement to use your hole. Any man that sees you on your hands and knees in the locker room shower with my nut juice dripping out of your cunt, will know that you are a fag, who takes raw loads from real men. Your sloppy, wet cunt will be able to take cock after cock, all night long, once it is properly lubed up with a load or two of my creamy jizz.”